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Let Us Show You How
Let Us Show You How
Let Us Show You How

Let Us Show You How

  • Sleep Without Medication – The Sleep Easily Method is medication-free. Experts caution that long-term use of sleep medication leads to unwanted side effects and addiction.
  • Our Unique Method – The Sleep Easily learn-at-home program is different from — and easier than — hypnosis, visualization, deep breathing, general relaxation or meditation — all of which involve effort and can make sleep more difficult.
  • Medically supported – The Sleep Easily method was developed by Richard Shane, Ph.D. Over more than 25 years, Dr. Shane has helped more than 2,000 insomnia patients sleep better. More than 140 physicians and health care professionals have referred patients to Dr. Shane.

How Does the Sleep Easily Method Work?

Sleep Easily is a proven method you quickly learn through audio recordings and written material. It provides simple steps to help you fall asleep or back to sleep—even if you’re stressed. Based on more than 25 years of research, Sleep Easily gives you a simple way to reconnect with the breath and body sensations that naturally occur when you sleep.

You don’t have to initially quiet your mind (the struggle that blocks most people). The breath and body sensations of sleep are physical triggers that effortlessly relax your body, mind and emotions into sleep.

Even if your life conditions are stressful, these body sensations blend together to create a feeling of calmness and safety deep in your body, away from the stresses of everyday life.

Your body naturally knows this “inner pathway to sleep” and gently eases into sleep.

People report that Sleep Easily feels like the actual way sleep happens.

Sleep Easily does not rely on hypnotic suggestion.

Sleep Easily is different from — and more effective than — any sleep method you have ever tried.

In an independent study with Sleep Easily tested by police officers, firefighters, commercial airline pilots and the general public, 81.6% of participants reported better sleep, often starting the first night.
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Fall Back to Sleep

The Sleep Easily method also helps you ease back to sleep if you awaken too early. As you use Sleep Easily, your sleep deepens naturally

Reduce Stress

You also learn a simple way to quickly reduce stress during the day, even when your eyes are open and you're in the midst of activity. Since your stress level is decreased during the day, sleep comes easier at night.

Feeling of Well-being

With Sleep Easily, your mind and body feel comfortably integrated together, a feeling of wholeness and well-being that benefits many areas of your life.

Benefits of Good Sleep

Studies have shown that good sleep can decrease the risk of sickness, weight gain, diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure.

The benefits don’t stop there. Good sleep helps you think more clearly, decreases stress, anxiety, depression and irritability, and leaves you feeling more energetic and productive. These benefits from good sleep also improve the quality of your personal relationships.

Sleep Easily will help you enjoy these benefits of sleep—and more.

Meet Richard Shane, PhD

Meet Richard Shane, PhD

Richard Shane, Ph.D., has been a psychotherapist since 1977. He is the Behavioral Sleep Specialist for New West Physicians, Colorado, with 85 physicians serving over 170,000 patients. From 2010 through 2014, he was the Behavioral Sleep Specialist for Lutheran Medical Center Sleep Center in Denver.

In 1991 as a result of a life crisis, Dr. Shane developed severe insomnia. He spent years internally exploring and resolving his own insomnia. Through that process, Dr. Shane discovered specific body sensations that are neurological switches for sleep. He further researched the neurophysiology of sleep and developed the Sleep Easily Method.

American Academy of Sleep Medicine
Society for Behavioral Sleep Medicine
National Sleep Foundation

You're in Good Company

Thousands of people have learned to sleep better using the Sleep Easily learn-at-home program - including many professionals in high stress occupations such as law enforcement officers, emergency first responders firefighters and airline pilots.
  • I love your program. From the first night I was sleeping more easily. The techniques are so elegantly simple.

    Charles Steinberg, M.D. Internationally known for treating people living with HIV/AIDS and educating health care workers.
  • Dr. Richard Shane’s sleep program is state of the art and an extraordinary gift to a society that does not sleep well.

    Christine Hibbard, Ph.D. Co-author, The Family Patient Physician Guide
  • An astonishing program that virtually all adults need. Dr. Shane is the pre-eminent expert on sleep and sleep issues. Highly recommended.

    Neil Rosenthal Marriage and Family Therapist
  • My police work hours are from 9 PM to 7 AM. Sleep is more difficult if you’re working nights and trying to trick your body into sleeping during the day. I found Sleep Easily much more useful than anything else I’ve experienced in the last 27 years.

    Sergeant Richard Pantle Colorado Springs Police Department
  • I tried the technique and was asleep within a few minutes—and it has worked this way every night since. Thank you for helping so many of the staff get more restful sleep.

    Sgt. Ron Kaundart Staff Sergeant, Boulder County Sheriff's Office, Jail Division
  • After struggling with sleep deprivation for two years, Dr. Shane’s simple yet very potent method helped relax my body and mind into a restful state. Within a week I was able to fall asleep more easily, and during the night, fall back to sleep more quickly.

    Barbara Dash Trauma Therapist

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Your Package Includes:

  • Four audio recordings — Considered the most effective in sleep medicine, these recordings stream to your smartphone, and include both male and female voice versions. You also receive three other recordings that help with sleep and life.
  • Padded pillow speaker – Listen to the recordings without earphones or disturbing your bedmate.
  • Specialized earplugs – Make it easy to hear your Inner Sleep Breath.
  • Sleep Easily Introduction Booklet – Quick to read, this provides the foundation of the method.
  • SleepGuide Book — A fascinating 300-page comprehensive resource that offers a wealth of information to help you sleep even more easily and deeply. You don’t need to read the entire SleepGuide—simply go to the index or section headers and find topics that interest you.
  • Summary cards — Easy-to-follow reminder guides for using Sleep Easily with or without the recording.
  • Stickers — Visual reminders to serve as cues to use the simple daytime stress reduction method.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed – If you are not satisfied with Sleep Easily, you may return it at anytime within the first 60 days of purchase and we will refund your purchase price.
  • Free expedited shipping in the US and Canada
  • Quick and simple! 1. Read the Introduction Booklet 2. Listen to the first recording 3. You can sleep better your first night!

After you order, you will receive a Thank You email with a link to the audio downloads.

If you don’t have a smartphone for listening to the audio files, click here.

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