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    81.6% of people who used Sleep Easily reported better sleep.
    Journal of Sleep Disorder and Therapy (May 2016)
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    Sleep Easily is a simple method to help you get to sleep… without drugs.
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Our Sleep Easily device guides you through our 5 physical triggers that ease you into sleep.

Sleep... finally!


Doctors know long term use of sleep medication is habit-forming and can cause unwanted side-effects.


The medical world recommends that cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is the most effective treatment for insomnia.


There are not enough behavioral sleep theraphists in the country to meet the needs of millions of people who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping.


Sleep Easily is a proven form of cognitive-behavioral therapy delivered through a mini audio player. It walks you through the five physical triggers that create the body feeling of falling asleep. You don’t have to quiet your mind. when you have the body feeling of falling asleep, your mind becomes quiet effortlessly. You fall asleep or back to sleep often before the recording ends (23 minutes). It is easy and many people sleep better their first night. Soon you will also be able to easily use the method without the recording.

Sleep Easily was developed over 25 years by Dr. Richard Shane, a world-renowned clinical sleep specialist.


It’s a technique more effective than any sleep method you have ever tried. Sleep Easily restores the natural way sleep happens.


In a study, 81.6% of participants reported improved sleep, most within the first few nights. (Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy, May 2016)

We've got the solution.

Can't fall asleep? Waking too early? Longing for deeper, more restful sleep?

What you receive

  • Mini audio player with built-in high-quality speaker.
  • Four sleep recordings and three supplemental recordings
  • SleepGuide Book and Summary Card
  • Sleep Easily eyeshades
  • Premium earplugs

What have you got to lose?

If Sleep Easily doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days for your money back.

What sleep easily users are saying

"Sleep Easily saved my life. After being on Ambien for 15 years, I am now not taking anything at night and am getting some of the best sleep I have in years. Thank you!"

Becky R. Golden, CO

"My police work hours are from 9 PM to 7AM. Sleep is more difficult if you're working nights and trying to trick your body into sleeping during the day. I found Sleep Easily much more useful than anything else I've experienced in the last 27 years."

Police Sergeant Richard Pantle

"After struggling with sleep deprivation for two years, with Dr. Shane's simple yet very potent method, I was able to fall asleep more easily, and during the night, fall back to sleep mor quickly."

Barbara Dash, Trauma Therapist

Who we help

The 1-in-3 people who have trouble sleeping including tough cases like:
  • First Responders
  • Airline pilots
  • Military Personnel
  • Truckers
  • PTSD sufferers
  • Medical Professionals
  • New parents
  • Shift workers

And YOU!

How do you use it?

Put the Sleep Easily device beside your pillow and the recording naturally guides you to sleep.

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