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Hotels, camping or even a friend’s house – it’s unlikely that your sleep will feel as restful if you’re staying away from home.

The difference in scenery alone can be enough to throw your sleeping habits out of the window; never mind the issue you may face when it comes to finding quality pillows and a mattress!

We all know that sleep is important. Without it, our mental and physical health (maybe even relationships!) could be affected and lower our mood as a result.

We share some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep away from home, helping your rest feel a little bit more valuable:

Prepare well

Turning up to a hotel only to find that your room includes a basic room with a mattress that resembles a sheet of cardboard means you’re unlikely to get a decent sleep.

Instead, try to research about the room you’re staying in and be prepared to bring additional items that can help to improve your sleep.

Pillows, stuffed toys and small blankets are amongst some of the most common items that people bring to hotels as these creature comforts can help your new room feel like a home away from home.

It’s also beneficial to consider the environment of the hotel. Rooms that are located next to a busy corridor or beside a motorway without properly sound-proofed windows are likely to result in sleep disturbance.


Anxiety levels are likely to increase during an overnight stay away from home – particularly in children – as their usual sleeping routine may be disturbed.

The scent of a room can have huge impacts on your quality of sleep so bringing a recognisable fragrance can help you to relax before you drift off. Vanilla and lavender are some of the most popular.

If your new environment has a bath, take advantage of it! Taking a bath before bed time can help to relax the muscles in your body, but avoid bathing for at least one hour before heading to sleep. Bathing increases your body temperature so it’s important to give it time to regulate. Attempting to sleep whilst feeling “too hot” or “too cold” can be problematic.

Follow your usual routine

No matter where you are on the globe, following your pre-bed time routine is a guaranteed way to feel better about sleeping away from home.

Sticking to the same sleep time every night can help your body to drift off when you feel tired.

If your usual routine involves a cup of coffee, try to opt for a caffeine-free version or tea-based drink that feature chemicals to naturally soothe your body. You may also want to read a book to help you drift off.

When you’re looking to sleep away from home, we know that it can be difficult. However, these tips are guaranteed to make your new environment feel like a home away from home and you’ll hopefully be on your way to a more valuable sleep straight away!

Originally Published on Sleep Easily’s blog

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