We haven’t yet located a video on the Fox News website yet, but did see two different airings of Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s sleep report on t.v. this past Friday 6/12/2015 and Sunday 6/14/2015.

His main message appeared to be in support of the claim that cognitive therapy by a trained therapist can help with overcoming sleep problems.

Cognitive therapy, as defined on MedicineNet.com, is “A relatively short-term form of psychotherapy based on the concept that the way we think about things affects how we feel emotionally.”

After the first segment aired on Friday morning where Dr. Gupta’s main message was to suggest in-person cognitive therapy to overcome sleep problems, we tweeted him that his report lacked two simple ingredients:

1. Learning-at-home how to get to sleep or back to sleep without paying expensive cognitive therapy session fees is not only possible, but practical too.

2. There is only ONE learn-at-home tool available on the web that truly helps you re-learn how to get to sleep again. That product is Sleep Easily.

How interesting it was to see Sunday’s report versus Friday’s report. We can’t guarantee that Sanjay himself saw our tweet on Twitter, but we do find it odd that his Sunday report included that “You can also find web based programs to help with this.”

Here again, we would like to suggest this is faulty information. There are not dozens of audio products available that guide you through the act of re-learning how to sleep. Sleep Easily is only one product that fulfills that function.

Sure, there are hypnotic tracks, but remember hypnosis is not a cure. And, hypnotic audio tracks are designed to make you reliant on using them forever!

Sleep Easily has the sole purpose of getting you away from needing ANY kind of tool, audio, or in-personal therapy sessions.

We welcome Dr. Sanjay, or any other health professional, to take a closer look at Sleep Easily. This can be easily done by signing-up for our 30 day trial where you pay only shipping. If Sleep Easily does not help with your sleep issue, then just send it back within the 30 days and no additional charges will be incurred.

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