Lying in bed, eyes open. Wondering why you can’t sleep?

In a recent book, Sleep Easily® Method Sleepguide, Dr. Richard Shane tells us common causes of insomnia. The top five are revealed here:

Stress – Financial, work, relationships, time or news events – stressors can all run through your mind, making sleep difficult.

  • Work hours – Long hours, shift work, being on call – The body is meant to sleep during darkness and stay awake during the light. Disruptive work schedules interrupt this natural process it can be hard to sleep.
  • Physical discomfort – Pain can keep you awake. Shifting to find a comfortable sleep position makes it hard to fall asleep. Turning over and hitting a painful area on your body can make you wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Medical conditions – Medical conditions including hormonal imbalance, thyroid, cancer, lung disease and others make it hard to sleep.
  • Medication – There are many medications which interfere with sleep, such as prednisone, thyroid and others.

There are many ways to deal with sleep difficulties from sleep hygiene to medication.

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