• “Our patients report profound, long-lasting improvement in their sleep after completing the Sleep Easily treatment. Once they have finished the program, they report sustained good sleep over many years.”

    Stephen P. Schmitz, Ph.D., Clinical Director, The Brain and Behavior Clinic

  • “I fly international flights. Sleep Easily has been beneficial in allowing me to get to sleep faster, and when I awaken in a different time zone, and I want to sleep longer, I am able to do so.”

    Commercial Airline Pilot

  • “Dr. Shane has discovered a way to create the neurophysiology of safety.”

    Stephen Porges, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry, Director, Brain-Body Center, University of Illinois, and internationally renowned neuroscientist

Read What Sleep Easily Users Are Saying

“After struggling with sleep deprivation for two years, Dr. Shane’s simple yet very potent method helped relax my body and mind into a restful state. Within a week I was able to fall asleep more easily, and during the night, fall back to sleep more quickly.”

Barbara Dash, Trauma Therapist

“My police work hours are from 9 PM to 7 AM. Sleep is more difficult if you’re working nights and trying to trick your body into sleeping during the day. I found Sleep Easily much more useful than anything else I’ve experienced in the last 27 years.”

Police Sergeant Richard Pantle

“Sleep Easily saved my life. After being on Ambien for 15 years, I am now not taking anything at night and am getting some of the best sleep I have had in years. Thank you!”

Becky Rucic

“Dr. Richard Shane’s sleep program is state of the art and an extraordinary gift to a society that does not sleep well.”

Christine Hibbard, PhD, Co-author, The Family Patient Physician Guide

“The first night I used Sleep Easily I fell asleep before the recording was over. I gave a copy to a client suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder. This client is now sleeping through the night with your program, and I have included a recommendation of Sleep Easily in the list of resources I give to my clients.”

Rich Glade, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Salt Lake City, Utah

“My life was in disarray due to fibromyalgia, a chronic pain illness that has been linked to sleep disturbances. I had tried many different ideas, from progressive relaxation to hypnosis, with no discernible benefit. I listened to the Sleep Easily CDs, and for the first time, began to sleep more easily. This had a wonderfully positive effect on my general well-being.”

Breda O’Brien, Columnist, Irish Times, Dublin, Ireland

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