How to Choose a Mattress
Your sleep comfort is an important variable in your overall health, and if you are considering making a new mattress investment, be sure to consider your needs before making your choice. Your mattress is one of the most important sleep aids you can use to influence a better night’s rest since tossing and turning, and aches and pains, are generally all directly related to your personal comfort. A poor night’s sleep can have a detrimental impact on both your mental and physical health and even affect those around you through the increased probability of vehicular and industrial accidents.

When you aren’t sleeping comfortably, you increase the chances of interrupting your sleep cycles: crucial steps to ensure brain function and physical rest. These sleep cycles not only allow your body to relax and recharge: the deeper stages of sleep also repairs and regrows tissues, builds bones and muscles, and increases your immune system. Your memory is also positively affected as cognitive function process take place that influences decision making and recognition.

Therefore, if you wake often through the night, or are aware of your own restlessness, you need to start taking the time to correct this issue because it only takes up to four days to create a sleep debt and start to see negative changes in your short term health. But where exactly do you begin to find the best mattress for your comfort amongst the many choices recently introduced to the industry?

It can be a bit overwhelming at first to begin this search, especially since your sleep comfort is such an important aspect of your overall health. So to begin, you need to ask yourself a few questions to get started.

What Help Exists to Get Started?
Technology has made it easier than ever to shop for what you need. Consumer reports and third party reviews provide transparency of products, and sites that dedicate themselves to honest, unbiased reviews have become more and more commonplace. The Sleep Judge is one such site that provides reviews surrounding the entire sleep industry and offers hundreds of product reviews, as well as researched advice concerning the importance of sleep health. Other sites are dedicated to getting to the bottom of the materials used by specific brand names and sharing quality control. The bottom line is that taking the time to research what you are looking for will come in handy when deciding to make a final purchase decision.

What is Your Sleep Position?
Your sleep position is a leading factor in your overall comfort. Many people think they prefer a soft or firm sleeping surface based on initial feel, but truly have no idea what these levels of comfort mean to their body health. Understanding your own needs is an important step to focusing your overall shopping experience.

Side sleepers need a softer surface in order to align their spine. Too firm a mattress will cause pressure points and allow curvature of the spine. Memory foam tends to be a popular pick for these types of sleepers due to how it conforms to the body and allow the body to sink into the surface and keep the spine straight.

Back and stomach sleepers may think they like a soft surface, and be comfortable with them initially, but what they need is a firm, supportive surface that allows the natural curvature of the spine to be supported. Many people who sleep in this position complain of shoulder or lower back pain due to those areas of the body sinking into too soft a surface, which pulls the spine and surrounding muscles into an unnatural position. This is a leading cause of the major aches and pains many people awake with each morning.

Combination sleepers, or people who share a mattress with a partner, should take into account each other’s comfort. Many mattresses are created to help address these needs and are created with different materials and technology to address the needs of multiple sleepers in just one bed.

What you don’t know is that no matter your sleeping position, if your body isn’t supported correctly, you are most likely unknowingly moving into new positions through the night as your body attempts to alleviate stressful positions. This breaks your sleep cycle, and even if you believe you’ve gotten a full night’s rest, it’s probably been compromised if you are still waking up feeling tired.

What Sort of Bed Do You Own?
You’d be surprised at how many people are unsure of exactly what bed size they own and what mattress size they need. Make sure to double check your bed size and take measurements before committing to a purchase. If you have a non-traditional type bed, such as a daybed or Murphy bed, this is especially important as occasionally only specific sizes are available for specialty sleeping surfaces.

What Can You Afford?
Cost is always an important consideration to take into account before you purchase anything, especially a long-term investment such as a mattress. In many cases the more you pay the higher the quality, but with recent mattress startups and innovative technological advancements in the industry, quality mattresses are more affordable than ever. You should definitely start your search by taking note of what is available for what you can afford in both mattress showrooms and online to have a jumping off point concerning material preferences.

Online mattress purchase will be cheaper due to the cutting out of brick and mortar markups and commission. Getting your product direct from the manufacturer undercuts much of what drove up mattress costs in the past, and with a little research, you can get top quality for a fraction of what it may cost you at a showroom.

This isn’t to say to ignore showroom mattresses, however. This increase in industry competition has been well noted by major brand names and awesome deals can be picked up locally in many cases because of it. This is great to note, especially if you refuse to buy before first seeing in person.

What Guarantee Do My Choices Have if I’m Not Happy?
With the influx in online mattress offers, there has also been a rise in warranty and sleep trial satisfaction. With the influx of tech-based advertising, it’s easier than ever to review the rating of any particular product and see why it has become so popular- or not. Because of this customer service is at it’s best, and happier customers are what drives the business.

Replacement guarantees and sleep trials are available with almost any online purchase of this caliber, so be sure to look into what, exactly, your purchase comes with and what kind of returns exist.

Sleeping CoupleConclusion
Sleep is a crucial part of your overall health, and can be easily disrupted from a variety of factors. One you do have control of though is your sleep comfort, and if you have been waking with aches and pains, or are unsure of the age of your mattress- you are probably due for an upgrade.

A comfortable sleeping surface influences how well you sleep, and with the help of technology, shopping for what you need is easier than ever. Online guides, quality offers, and more affordable options are readily available to preview and research prior to purchasing.

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