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Of course sleep is going to affect your mood. Just think of how cranky you are in the mornings after a night of unrest. When you get the right amount of rest each night, and keep that consistent, you will automatically begin to see major changes in your emotional health.


Sleep Easily is simple as taking a pill but without the side effects. You will naturally fall asleep and will not have drugs in your system the next morning.

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How To Join Our Webinar For Colorado Firefighters, Police And Emt Staff

Sleep Easily, LLC announces upcoming Sleep Well Webinar for firefighters, police and EMS providers to learn to sleep well in the midst of stress—to…

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101 and MORE Benefits of Good Sleep

Blog posts and news reports seem to always publish the negative effects of poor sleep. At Sleep Easily, we are much more positive minded! Here are…

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How Tiger Woods Overcome Pain After Back Surgery

Tiger Woods continues to realize his age is catching up to him. His recent pulling out of the Masters golf tournament due to back surgery and leaving…

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Dr. Shane And His Radio Tour Takes Off!

With two radio shows complete so far, and several scheduled for the next few weeks, the message is clear; Dr. Shane's talks differently about sleep…

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Now On Air!

Dr. Shane was interviewed LIVE on WRGA, Georgia radio today. UPDATE: This interview was concluded at 10:25am, 3/21/2014. We will post the podcast…

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Great Video Testimonial By Sleep Customer Chris!

Here is our very first video testimonial by a Sleep Easily customer. Congrats Chris and we're so happy to hear how Sleep Easily has helped you! Keep…

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