Why Brits Are The Most Restless Sleepers?

What contributes to restless sleepers? Having trouble sleeping? Restless nights? Wondering why you’re constantly feeling tired and fatigued? There are a number of possible factors that are stopping so many brits from getting a consistent and comfortable rest at night, but why are so many of us struggling?

Take a look at this information from SleepPro.com to find our what similarities you have with the restless British sleeper. 80% of loud snorers who have sleep apnea don’t know they have it and this figure is only likely to increase as the condition is often overlooked and misdiagnosed by our GP’s.

Not sure what sleep apnea is? You can get the full details here. With that said, sleep apnea doesn’t account for every UK resident, but simple factors such as the environment in which we sleep or the quality of our mattresses play a huge role in our sleeping process. Therefore, we decided to dig deep and put together a visual regarding sleep problems in the uk and what exactly is causing restless and sleepless nights for so many of us…

Sleep Problems: What causes restless and sleepless nights?

Why Brits Are The Most Restless Sleepers (Infographic)
Why Brits Are The Most Restless Sleepers (Infographic)