Getting the adequate amount of sleep while dealing with chronic or even mild pain can be extremely difficult.  Sleep is a main physiological necessity people need to survive. When dealing with chronic pain, it can be nearly impossible to get the sleep required for optimum performance. Recent research done by the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), shows that people with chronic pain have an average of “42 minutes [of] sleep debt” every night. Those with only acute pain were living with an approximate “14-minute sleep debt”.

Amerisleep has studied the NSF’s research and has found that there are several different factors that compromise the sleep of people in chronic pain. The main discovery was that “those with chronic pain indicate that temperature and their mattress most significantly impact their sleep.” Improving your sleep environment, including your lighting, home temperature, bedding, and mattress can help improve your sleep quality and get you out of sleep debt, even if you are in chronic pain. To find out more about Amerisleeps research findings click here.