Sleep Easily is a proven form of cognitive-behavioral therapy delivered through a mini audio player. It walks you through the five specific physical triggers to get you to sleep or back to sleep usually in less than 25 minutes. It’s not hypnosis or meditation It’s a technique more effective than any sleep method you have ever tried. This guidance creates a pathway to natural sleep. It is easy and many people sleep better their first night.

Just switch on your mini audio player, listen to the introduction when you are awake. At night, choose male or female voice track and you are on your way to a better night’s sleep. Many people sleep better starting their first night.

Sleep Easily works with your body’s five physical triggers that naturally occur when you sleep. When relaxed they create the feeling of falling asleep. This allows the mind to stop racing and let you get the rest you need.

Sleep Easily teaches you a particularly simple way to trigger the calming of your tongue, throat, breath, heart and abdomen. Once we trigger these together your body naturally falls into sleep. Find more info here.

In an independent study of Sleep Easily used by police, firefighters, commercial airline pilots and the general public, 81.6 percent of the study participants reported better sleep. And most reported sleeping better within their first few nights. Journal of Sleep Disorders and Therapy (May, 2016)

While this is explained in depth in the Summary Card that comes with the kit, we suggest that you use one earplug for the first several nights so you can focus on your sleep breath while listening to the recordings. You can also give the earplugs to your bedmate if they don’t want to listen to the recording.

The Sleep Easily device comes fully charged so you can use it the night you receive it. Once the device loses power, charge for around 2 hours to get back to a full charge.

Meditation is wonderful for people, bringing many benefits and is recommended. However, many people who try meditation say it is difficult and takes a long time to learn Sleep Easily is quick and many people sleep better their first night.

Sleep Easily does not rely on hypnotic suggestion. Unlike many people’s concerns about hypnosis, Sleep Easily gives you a feeling of being in control of your sleep, not letting go of control.

In the new version, there is an additional sleep introduction, the Sleep Two recording is updated, the Summary Card and Sleep Guide Book are updated and Sleep Easily now comes with lightweight eyeshades.

The Sleep Easily recordings now come on a mini audio player. This is because the field of sleep medicine strongly recommends people not have a cell phone by the bedside, as cell phones are associated with daytime activity and that can interfere with sleep. The bright bluish-white light emitted by cell phones can interfere with melatonin production and that can make sleep difficult.

To apply:

  • Make sure hands and ear opening are clean and dry.
  • Break earplug in half to make two earplugs and shape each into a ball. Save the other set unless you prefer using a large plug.
  • Place one plug over ear opening and flatten to form airtight seal. Avoid hair.
  • To remove: To loosen and remove, press up behind ear.
  • Discard when soiled or no longer sticky.