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Sleep Easily provides a medication-free sleep solution for the 1-in-3 people who have difficulty sleeping to help them sleep well and perform better during the day. Sleep Easily is a proven form of cognitive-behavioral therapy delivered through a mini audio player. It walks you through the five specific physical triggers to get you to sleep or back to sleep usually in less than 25 minutes.


Richard Shane

Richard Shane, Ph.D., has been a psychotherapist since 1977. He is the Behavioral Sleep Therapist for New West Physicians, Colorado, with 100 providers serving 200,000 patients. From 2010 through 2014, he was the Behavioral Sleep Therapist for Lutheran Medical Center Sleep Center in Denver.


The Sleep Easily Method  In 1991 as a result of a life crisis, Dr. Shane developed severe insomnia. He spent years internally exploring and resolving his own insomnia. Through that process, Dr. Shane discovered five specific body sensations that are triggers for sleep. He further researched the neurophysiology of sleep and developed the Sleep Easily Method. In addition to working with clients in his clinical practice, Dr. Shane wanted to be able to help the millions of people who suffer from insomnia. Because the Sleep Easily method was clear, simple and easy to learn, Dr. Shane created an at-home program that could make Sleep Easily available to everyone.For more than 25 years, Dr. Shane has helped thousands of insomnia patients sleep better. Over 140 physicians and health care professionals have referred patients to Dr. Shane.


Mary Cochran

Director of Marketing

Twenty years of marketing, public relations and social media have brought Cochran to Sleep Easily. Her years at a tech PR firm and consulting companies bring an understanding of the start-up environment and business systems development. Cochran is the primary media contact for the company.

Bruce Fredrickson

Senior Advisor

With 35 years of senior management experience including being CEO of 5 companies, Fredrickson has helped manage the launch of well over 100 companies throughout the world during his career. His strong personal belief in the Sleep Easily methodology for providing so many people who have sleep difficulties with what he calls “a real and simple non-pill based solution that works” has lead him to offer his time and skills to finally making Sleep Easily available to everyone.

Paul N. Eklund

Manager and Co-Founder

Eklund brings executive, asset and financial management to the team. Long time Boulder entrepreneur and resident, he serves on many local boards including CU Music advisory and Downtown Boulder, Inc.

Alison Werning

Director of Marketing

Alison Werning comes to us with years of experience as head accessories designer and social media marketing manager in Boulder, CO. Her graphic and writing skills add to our marketing initiatives. She graduated with honors in product development at FIDM in Los Angeles and with a BS in merchandising from CSU.